Monday, May 29, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2322


New music this week from Sparks, The Damned, Steve Lukather, Foo Fighters, Comet Gain, Panic Pocket, Hugh Lee, Baby Rose, Bayonne, Alex Anwandter, Stewart Copeland,  and much more. Enjoy!

As always, these songs have been added to the rotation of Radio Free California, available online (embedded below) and in the app store. This Playlist will play 5 times on Wednesday, And on Thursday we're going to play a full album at 9am and again at 9pm Pacific Standard Time. This week's album is the new Paul Simon effort, Seven Psalms, which is arranged and performed as a single song.

No cheap shots today. It's Memorial Day and I'm not working for it today. But because I love you, have some Cory Wong live, featuring Victor Wooten.

Friday, May 26, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2321 and FFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!


New music this week from blur, Homecomings, Yes, Todd Rundgren, MOULE, Greta Van Fleet, PONY, The Ocean, Leo give his version of an old Frankie Goes to Hollywood song, lovelytheband drops a new single, We feature a couple of songs by the Japanese pop band Homecomings (one of which is the theme to the anime "Kimi ha Houkago Insomnia", The Ocean releases the final album in their Phanerzoic trilogy, Ed Eagle, kiffie, Cory Wong and Theo Katzman all release songs where they are guesting on other people's albums, and much more. Enjoy!

And then a Foo Fighters song flew in under the radar at the last second, so I had to add that too.

<<insert sound of a needle on a 45 here>>

Well you may have noticed that this one is late. Late late late late late. That's because the evening that I was going to post this my computer suffered a Klingon breakdown and I lost everything. The whole. FUCKING. Machine. All of my files. My comics, my anime, and even two singles I had slated for July. One last mix and they were heading to the distributors.

All gone.

It's now five days later and I only just got a temporary working machine today. I'll have a new machine next week and then I will start the process of rebuilding, on <<shudder>> windows 10. I fucking hate Windows 10.

What amazes me more than anything is that I haven't lost my temper over it, and if you've read my work you can imagine that I might have a temper to match it. And I do. 

But here we are anyway, and not a damned thing I can do about it. So I'm going to be sporadic for a bit while I rebuild my setup and my studio. I can re-record the singles but I had a magical performance on one of them that I'll never be able to reproduce. I also had the weirdest guitar solo I've ever recorded.

So I'm sorry this one's late. The radio station is down and I've lost all my e-mail contacts and bread recipes. Give me a moment or two to put it all back together again.

And because I love you and we need a laugh, may I introduce you to Dara O'Briain:

Monday, May 15, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2320, The Radio Station, The App, cheap shots and more

Welcome to this week's new releases! Music From The Hives, Serge Tiagnyriadno, Leap in Exile, Daft Punk, Sparks, Ed Eagle, Pet Shop Boys, Mammoth WVH and much more. Enjoy!

So the Radio Station version of Radio Free California is running strong. You can hear all of the Radio Free California Episodes for the last 6 months on random play, and I'm going to add the music from each playlist every week until I have a year's worth of uploads, and then start deleting the oldest music one week at a time, so that the rotation is constant.

No commercials, but we do have occasional announcements voiced by the wonderful Diana Mars. Also, Every Wednesday at 2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm we run that week's Radio Free California uninterrupted. All times Pacific Standard.

Here is the web stream, which you can imbed on your own or open as a new webpage:

You can also download this in the Google Play store and listen on your phone/device!

At this time there are no plans for an Apple version. We found that the licensing requirements were too burdensome. This isn't a money making venture - I'm doing it because it's fun and I like to share new music.

Cheap Shots:

I keep tell you Rudy, no one fucking cares.

So get it fucking done already. This man is an insult to the Postal Service.

This man is not a hero. He's a motherfucking murderer.

I don't see this coming to PBS anytime soon.

Defend your librarians from 'Klanned Karenthood'.

Iowa politics has always been absurd.

He's a Free Speech Absolutist. Except he's not. As a side note, I've left twitter.

And because I love you, here's a video that made me say in the comments, "Warriors, come out and play..."

Monday, May 8, 2023

Radio Free California the Radio Station, Episode 2319, cheap shots and more!


Fantastic week for new music featuring Iggy Pop, Gord Downie with Bob Rock, The Smashing Pumpkins, Cory Wong, Yusuf, Ben Folds, Peter Gabriel, Trev Lukather, Peter One and much much more. Enjoy!

So we have launched Radio Free California as an internet Radio Station. It's available on the web right now, and will be an app available at the Google Storein the near future. We're still kind of working the bugs out, but it's running now 24/7, and features ONLY new music, drawn from the various playlists I've put together and featured here since October of 2022. 

Radio Free California will only be playing music less than 1 year from its release date. If you want to hear "Freebird" there are PLENTY of places you can go for that.

I've embedded the site here so you can just press play, or you can click here to be taken to a separate web page.

Cheap Shots (btw, tht thump you heard was the door hitting Scott Baio in the ass as he leaves California):

You keep using the word "Freedom". I do not think that word means what you think it means.

I don't eat popcorn, but I'm willing to pop some while we watch.

Now don't get me wrong, I like Di-Fi, have voted for her more than once. But this is becoming a problem.

You know, at this point? Fuck your god.

The real-life counterparts of the chess pieces do NOT move as expected.

Maybe I don't want to actually take away your guns. But this motherfucker should have never been allowed to have one.

I notice that he's not a drag queen or LGBTAQ+. Fucking groomer.

I' commenting on the picture here and not the story, but the more he protests the more he seems to resemble a Disney Cartoon character, don't you think?

Dear Krysten: Both The Washington Generals and The Harlem Globetrotters play basketball. That doesn't make them anywhere close to similar.


And because I love you have some new Yusuf/aka Cat Stevens. The man can still write a song:

Monday, May 1, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2318, future plans for these playlists, and of course cheap shots


New music this week from phil broikos, Yes, Benjamin Russell, Brenda Mtambo, Annahstasia, Stewart Copeland, The National, Smokey Robinson and much more. Enjoy!

So I live in San Francisco, California. It's a great place to live but I have to admit that radio here is fucking terrible. There are almost no outlets for new music and those that exist want to go so far outside the mainstream that a person whose tastes lie more towards rock, alternative and pop really have nowhere to go. The Bay Area's one great rock and roll station is more classic rock than anything else, the one adult alternative radio station is now doing sports and talk radio, and the one real alternative radio is now a "Dave" station - which means nothing past the year 2004.

For a working musician it is best to understand what else is out there and what your contemporaries are doing, so I crave and devour new music. That was really the whole purpose of starting Radio Free California in the first place, to share my discoveries. New music really isn't all that hard to find, but the days of being able to rely on radio to bring you new music are gone now.

So I've begun work on a new project that I hope to launch in June. I'm taking Radio Free California and turning it into an actual Internet Radio Station. It will feature the music from these playlists and a bit more, but the key thing here is that all of the music will be no more than 2 years since it's official release. All genres welcome, and I'll be playing the people with 50 followers right next to those with 50,000,000. Unsigned artists won't be regulated to 10pm on a Thursday night, but played in the main rotation with all the other artists.

Does this mean I will be launching an app? Why, yes it does! I'll let everyone know when it's ready, but Radio Free California will be available for both Apple and Android.

Cheap Shots:

A lot has been made of "Dark Brandon's" showing at the White House Correspondents Dinner, but for me the best work of the night was the last 5 minutes of Roy Wood's speech. A comedian who really gets it - maybe he should be the next host of The Daily Show.

Although I'm sure it's apropos of nothing, Harlan Crow banks this these guys for some of his portfolio.

Should we start referring to "Senator Run Away like a fucking coward" as "Senator Incel" now?

Well, bye.

So do we now refer to a cloud of debris as "Musky"?

Hmmm. I wonder if Ron will sign it. (said in the voice of Bugs Bunny)

And because I love you, here's a song that didn't make the cut this week that some of you might enjoy.

Monday, April 24, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2317, a podcast, and say goodbye (for now) to Fucker Carlson


New music this week from Foo Fighters, Monna Lisa Blackout, The Damned, Everything But the Girl, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Pearl & The Oysters, Lucinda Williams and much more. Enjoy!

I did a podcast version too! Embedded below, although you might need to open the app:

Cheap Shots:

And it's not about Dominion either.

Why the FUCK is the PM of Japan meeting with this asshole? Oh yeah, he's a right wing schmuck too.

So you're not even going to try? Coward.

Black Lives Matter. But apparently not enough.

Why does no one ever bring up that this son of a bitch illegally copied the contents of a private individual's computer and posted his dick pics?

You ain't got the votes, Third Choice. No, I'm not going to explain why I call him that. He knows.

Holy shit this is the most brutal self-own I've seen in a while. SNL could air this unchanged.

"As the years went on, I accepted that third place like it was first place." Rest in Triumph.

How do you say "Le Oops" in Mandarin?

A small and partial list of things that didn't get Tuckums fired.

July 11th, you say.

Add North Dakota to the list.

And because I love you, enjoy a Flashback featuring the best improvisational pianist out there, the man who invented the bass line for the song "For the love of Money", and the man who took over for Jeff Porcaro...

Monday, April 17, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2316, podcast, and cheap shots


The new Metallica album is here and featured this week, along with The Linda Lindas, Temples, Magaziine, Geoff Castellucci, GoGo Penguin, The Tallest Man on Earth, Fruit Bats and much more. Enjoy!

There is a podcast version this week too, including the tale of how I met one of this week's artists because I was invited to an event at Patreon's office in San Francisco - because he's the CEO.

Cheap Shots:

Come on Dominion, please don't settle. Ruin them.Even Gretchen agrees.

Did your grandmother also teach you not to feed people you fucking piece of shit?

Ooh, that's going to hit him right in the wokes.

That's right, crime-ridden OHIO.

He shot the kid a second time. Fuck stand your ground.

Will these Republican fuckbrains remember they can be decent human beings? Nope, I guess not.

To the tune of "Georgie Girl": Hey there, Jersey Girl, you're not really Russian and it seems you've committed wire fraud.

It seems that the "better fences make better neighbors" thing is a lie.

Even I don't think that the man turning Florida into "Hatey" is stupid enough to put a prison next to Disney World. But I've been wrong before.

Is he? Is he really

And because I love you, yes, the founder of Patreon is in this video:

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Groomers - not a drag queen among them.

Let's see now...

Allowing 12 year-olds to marry in Missouri.

Christian Republican commits incest.

In Missouri Republicans don't want you to read.

Man protesting against drag shows is arrested for child porn.

The QAnon leader who tried to tell you about a child porn ring in the nonexistent basement of a pizza parlor is a child molester.

Oklahoma College GOP chair is a pedophile.

A major Minnesota Republican donor sex trafficked minors.

A Wisconsin legislator gave alcohol to a minor and may have raped her while she was unconscious.

Republicans in Michigan refused to back a bill criminalizing "grooming", defined as setting up children for potential child abuse.

City councilmen who are child molesters.

Republican Attorney General of Virginia gives a deal to a child molesting cop.

Anti-gay pastor commits "adultry" with a minor.

Texas city councilor goes to prison for child porn.

Pentecostal Pastor faces multiple child abuse charges.His son too.

Oklahoma Senator said that a 13 year-old can consent to sex.

Indiana Youth Pastor is a convicted child molester.

Republican Mayor in Ohio resigns after being caught filming teenage girls undressing.

A deacon at a Florida Church has been filming male students in the bathroom.

Former New Jersey Republican Mayor charged with sexual assault on a minor.

Rightwing Radio Host Daniel W. Merrick who has published several books and songs and fulminates against homosexuality and Democrats on his radio program and Facebook has been charged with 886 counts of child sexual exploitation materials and 1 of criminal use of communications facility. He blames his wife.

Took me only a few minutes to find all of these. Seems to me that all the people saying that Drag Queens and LGBTQ people are "groomers" are the ones actually doing the grooming.


Monday, April 10, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2315, podcast, cheap shots and Dirty Loops


Great week for new music from Peter Gabriel, Mudhoney, Morris Day (!), Greta Van Fleet, Rich Allen, Nick Waterhouse, The Jonas Brothers, Mouistule, Fear 2 Stop and much more. Enjoy!

Hey, I also did a podcast version this week too!

Cheap shots:

Pardon? Yet another reason to never fucking set foot in Texas again.

If this stuff winds up being pulled from the shelves for this reason, we should pull your motherfucking Viagra too.

By the way, Viagra is 10 times more likely to kill you than Mefiprestone. Penicillin 4 times more likely.

Will the real Tiffany please stand up?

A master leave us, having retired at the age of 99 and passed on at the age of 102.

As has been said for decades now, it's not the crime but the cover-up that gets you.

As I have been saying for a very long time now, you can blame Reagan. This list is by no means anywhere close to complete.

I said to someone a few weeks back that it wouldn't shock me if this skid-mark was the type who likes to pull wings off of butterflies. He is.

Can I boycott Bud Light because it's shit beer?

I'm not on Tik-Tok either but sorry you whiny bitches, this is a great move.

Then why did you do it in the first place you fucking racist?

Unanimous, motherfuckers.

And because I love you, the one band you should really know. Be sure to read the credits - they're hilarious.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2314, the podcast, and... well that's it really.


Fantastic week for new music, featuring Crown Lands, The No Ones, lovelytheband, The New Pornographers, Bully, Boy Genius, The Zombies (!), Pete Townshend, Fantastic Negrito, L.A. Guns and much more. Enjoy!

Podcast version:

NO cheap shots today - I've been too busy to put it all together. I am working on an essay about how America is turning into a 3rd World country though.

Stay tuned!

Monday, March 27, 2023

Radio Free California Episode 2313, quoting a hero, and cheap shots.


New music this week from Fall Out Boy, Mammoth WVH, Nickel Creek, Depeche Mode, Thunderpussy, The Regrettes, Morgan and the Organ Donors, Darren Jessee and much more. Enjoy!

No podcast this week - too much happening in my personal life. More on that later.

If you want to find information about any of the artists in this week's playlist just click on the artist and scroll down to their bio in Spotify. If you click on that you will most likely be led to website and socials for each artist. 

A couple of notes: I'm not a fan of Fall Out Boy and was surprised to find two songs on their new album that I liked. I always listen just in case something like this happens. I find FOB kind of gimmicky but they sometimes the gimmick works. The Depeche Mode album is pretty good - at least better then their last couple of albums. And the Nickel Creek album is full of surprises and is well worth the time.



Hero of the week: Nebraska State Senator Megan Hunt:

"Don't say hi to me in the hall, don't ask me how my weekend was, don't walk by my desk and ask me anything. Don't send me Christmas cards ― take me off the list," Hunt warned. "No one in the world holds a grudge like me, and no one in the world cares less about being petty than me. I don't care. I don't like you."


Cheap shots:

You can sing gay.

Reset the fucking clock.

He's going to order them all to commit suicide with him someday. He's not Moses, he's Jim Jomes.

Are there enough people left for this to be an inside job?

Sorry Madam Press Secretary,  but I don't think the GOP can count that high.

One take-away from this: the smart kids are leaving Florida.

I'm no expert on this artist, but I thought this was funny.

So what do you think they value more? White kids or guns?

Seems to me that we're about due for a Federal Override on all this horseshit.

Read between the lines. Not only no passengers, but no crew either.

And because I love you, here's the funny video for the first song in this week's list.