Wednesday, November 14, 2018

What is it with this asshole?

So it looks like Donald Trump is in a firin’ mood again – this time going after his chief of staff for apparently not being nice enough to his wife and the head of the Department of Homeland Security because of, well, reasons. He seems to have this pathological need to be at the top of the news cycle – so when bad shit happens that comes under his watch he has to do something that shows his power and his ability to control the message.

As I write this, there is word that indictments are coming today from Robert Mueller. I don’t’ know if they’re actually going to happen or not but the day is young and I won’t be posting until early evening so who knows? Check the Cheap Shots to see for certain.

Cheap Shots (it’s Wednesday – so Gin):

Anyone else notice that Matt Drudge has deleted EVERY POST he’s ever made on twitter?

The intern story changes!

I will have words to say about this, but let things calm down first. Once the fire is contained.

I fucking DARE them to take this up with a Japanese warlord.

OH, so MANY trademark violations.

I triple dirt dare you.

Florida redux, with an amazing coincidence.

The aged monkey and the dead Senator.

Backbeat BBQ, feeding the firefighters with Foo.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It was a good night

So – digesting last night’s Blue wave. Don’t be fooled by anyone saying otherwise – it was a Blue Wave. The Democrats gained 28 seats in the House of Representatives. 7 Governorships, including Michigan – which means Flint might just get real drinking water back. Kris Kobach was given his walking papers. Stacy Abrams is pushing for a runoff and just might get it. Bill Nelson of Florida is demanding a recount and meets the legal threshold to get one.  ICE-friendly sheriffs all over the country LOST. The Mississippi Senate Race, although unlikely to flip, is still headed to a runoff. The very state where the first cake for a gay wedding was refused elected a gay Governor. We have two now. 100 women in the House of Representatives. Dana Rohrabacher is out. Scott Walker is out. Two Native Americans will be in congress. Two Muslim women as well. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as well. 1.4M Floridians got the right to vote back.

Yeah, Beto didn’t win but because of his race several house seats and local to Texas races went the other way. He took down Pete Sessions without running against him. It was a blue wave. To quote Beto in his concession speech, I’m so fucking proud of you.

Okay, now the other side of the coin. Because we’re dealing with Trump, I think these next two years are going to be even worse.

There are a bunch of reasons for this, but at the top of the list is the fact that he’s an egomaniacal racist tyrant who in his own mind can never do anything wrong. His defense, EVERY TIME, is “I didn’t do it, YOU did it”. He has the id of a 2 year-old, the communication skills of a 9 year-old, and the temper of a 14 year-old whose parents took him of his meds. His reaction to finding himself the target of congressional investigations was, and I’m not making this up, “I can investigate you TOO”. His very game plan – said aloud – involves turning the House and the Senate against each other. Budget time is going to be lots of fun, let me tell you. Look for lots and lots of continuing resolutions over the next two years.

Another reason is that no matter what happens with the Meuller investigation I don’t think the house impeaches Trump. Quite simply, the votes just aren’t there in the Senate to even hold a trial. It may come down to the question of whether or not a sitting President can be arrested by courts that aren’t congress – which the constitution simply doesn’t address. And Trump won’t step down – tyrants just don’t do that. Anyone can see that what the Republicans in the Senate want is Mike Pence in the White House, but Trump will not surrender the toys. The only way he walks away willingly is if he dies.

Thirdly, Trump is going to keep holding his rallies – except now they’re going to be campaign stops for HIMSELF. I expect he’ll start them within a few days. Certainly before the new congress is installed. I expect his followers to get even louder, even meaner. Lock her up chants will include Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, and just about any other woman. I expect acts of right-wing violence in increase. Don’t expect logic. Remember – the Republicans elected a dead brothel owner to the Nevada State Assembly last night.

Fourthly, I expect the evangelical base for Trump to get even louder still. I except them to completely fail to recognize the cognitive dissonance they are creating in endorsing an actual Golden Calf, just because they get their way while he’s in power. I expect to see even more psychotic breaks in this community.

I expect racism to run rampant. Yes, there will be checks on Trump’s ability to use the Military to prevent brown people from legally entering the country, but it’s not actually going to STOP him, or stop ICE for that matter. People are just going to be forced to testify. I expect that hatred of brown people to carry over to black people, just as it has for the past two years. I expect more black lives to not matter to poorly trained police officers, many of whom are young racists themselves.

It’s nice that there are no more election e-mails, texts or ads this morning, but hang on to your butts people. The race for 2020 started last night and right now the only person on the field is Donald Trump.

Keep fighting. Last night was a great Blue Wave. But waves recede if there isn’t an ocean pushing behind them. I picked my meteor metaphor with some care. We’re trying to rid ourselves of the dinosaurs here, and it takes that kind of an impact. We had the first wave but the waves have to keep coming until they drown – until they go extinct because of the effects of US.

Don’t just ride the wave. Be the meteor.

Cheap shots (whiskey and rye, singing…)

God says no.

About to blind them with science.

Racism loses at the polls. In the comments section, not so much.

Flattop triumphs again.

I’ve warned him about this before – if the spray-tan gets into the hair it can seep in through the scalp, causing rambling and disorientation.

Come on man! Get to it!

How I found out that Sessions is out.

I have to wonder, how does he understand his various wives?

Holy Hell looks pretty weak to me.

And because I love you, let’s make a trip to the mirror-verse and Spock’s Beard: