Thursday, March 24, 2011

Republicans for Voldemort

There was once a web comic called "goats". It was an existential trip through the lives of two slacker roommates, their pet goat who was also a Norse god, a rooster that Hunter S. Thompson would have told to slow down, and a surrealistic trip through time, space, and forcing god to turn himself into a ham sandwich, which one of the characters ate. Strange and funny stuff. The reason I bring this up is that this comic strip introduced one of my favorite tropes of all time, selling a political slogan on bumper stickers and T-shirts. It read, "Republicans for Voldemort".

Who'dathunk that reality would eclipse that?

There is a bill working its way through the Republicant controlled House of Representatives that is just plain mean. It would deny food stamps and government assistance for food to the family of any person on strike. So, sorry you're broke, and sorry you're trying to better the lives of your family, but fuck you and your family. Go dumpster diving.

Look, I understand the argument. I honestly do. If you want to feed your family, return to work. I get that. But this is just plain mean. Setting aside the idea that this is meant to break strikes, taking food away from families on government assistance to make a political point is just evil. It's mean. It's bullying.

And you might want to consider that no one winds up on government assistance magically. If someone on food stamps goes on strike it's because the job they have is so shitty that they need food stamps. It's not the other way around and if you think so then you're a deluded fool.

Consider also this; a surgeon thinks he has found a way to improve the way dialysis is done. If he's right, he could save the government $15K per year per patient who is on Medicaid. so he's asked for a very small grant, $250K - an amount of money that means nothing to our government, to prove his idea. It's worth checking - as the surgeon in question himself said, "This is money…very well spent. If our valve doesn’t work, the government will have lost $250,000. If it does work, they will have saved a gazillion dollars.” Based on roughly 300,000 kidney patients on dialysis on Medicaid, that's a savings of $4.5 Billion every year. That 300,000 number isn't made up - it's the bare minimum required to receive the grant. In reality the number is much higher.

$4.5 Billion. Let's make an equivalence here. Would you spend $2.50 for a chance to turn that into $45,000? I'd do it in a heartbeat - even if I stood a chance of losing the $2.50 and getting nothing in return. I bet you would too. But Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, the same state this surgeon works in and would run his clinical trials in, is against it - because the funds come from the Health Care Act Obama managed to get through last year.

That's just mean.

Cheap shots:

Repealing "Obamacare" is a death panel.

John Stossel, not the brightest bulb in the 'verse, sets a new standard for low.

By his own logic, he doesn't have first amendment rights either.

Hey! Another chance to repeat the Scrubs joke!

Oh, can someone please tell me what's up with Huffington Post's fascination with the scene in Los Angeles? I don't live in Los Angeles and don't care.

And because I love you, Cream

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She killed Gay Cancer

I don't know much about acting. I know what I like, and what I don't, but I haven't done any theater or acting work since I was a teenager. I decided to focus on music pretty early on and can talk volumes about that. But not today. Today I talk about an actress - Elizabeth Taylor.

In her prime she was freaking amazing. She knew her craft, understood nuance, could perform in roles that were nothing like her real life (and a couple that actually were) and despite the outlandish life she lead deserved the accolades she received. But more than anything, she's responsible for helping to put a human face on AIDS.

For musicians, it's the death of Freddie Mercury that brought AIDS home for all of us. For actors, it's Rock Hudson - but it wouldn't have been without Elizabeth Taylor. Hudson died back when we still didn't understand much about the disease - even those of us who had already lost count of the friends we had lost didn't fully grasp it. It was still "Gay Cancer" back in those days. Joan Collins, who had worked with and shared a screen kiss with Hudson less than a year before he died, had herself tested - because of that screen kiss. Television preachers were calling for the rounding up of all gays into concentration camps. Yes it sounds moronic now but that's how people saw the disease back then.

It took Elizabeth Taylor's reaction to her friend Rock Hudson's death to change everything. And it needed a Elizabeth Taylor. Someone respected who had lived in public for so long and under so many different circumstances that she didn't give a damn what anyone thought of her. Remember when Elton John and everyone else wrote "That's What Friends are For"? The song for a young boy dying of AIDS? Well, it was Elizabeth Taylor who introduced the boy to her musician friends during one of her many excursions to hospitals and hospices - raising tons of cash and awareness towards the disease.

I've lost friends to AIDS. I stopped counting the number of them when they reached double digits back in the 1980s. One was a close enough friend that I named my son after him. I'm quite familiar with how it changes a life - even the life of a person who never had it. Although the disease has become a part of people lives now, Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first people in the public eye to embrace the people as people and not as sinners or a byproduct of a lifestyle that they didn't understand. To Elizabeth it wasn't "Gay Cancer" but a disease that could hurt anyone, and that we weren't doing enough to figure it out. She was right, and she raised millions of dollars for the fight.

Even after her acting career waned, she raised money for AIDS charities. She was a wealthy woman but would lend her name and her fame to many causes that would raise awareness and money for AIDS research and its victims, even when she was in poor health herself. She refused to be sidelined - and in fact outlived the man who wrote her obituary by six years. She joined facebook and twitter and used them as well.

As I said, I don't know much about acting but I know what I like. I like Elizabeth Taylor.

Cheap Shots:

Someone tase John Boehner in the nuts. He has insurance.

Keith Olbermann might not be on TV right now, but he still can do a Special Commentary.

I guess this means that The Bitch™ is an elitist.

Did you see my "Scrubs" joke the other day? Repeat.

Wil Wheaton says a few words about a topic he almost never talks about.

Still looking for new euphemisms for "nigger" I see.

So what will this thing look like? I picture a statue of a bunch of men reaching into a woman's vagina and attempting to pull. Eww.

What's this "we" Kemosabe?

Sadness. I have been to a few of these places - as a kid - and I remember them being vital.

And because I love you, something new from The Cars

Monday, March 21, 2011

Three is a magic number

I was shocked Sunday morning to discover that the United States had entered its third concurrent war. Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya. Yeah, we're only "protecting the no-fly zone" but we and the British bombed the shit out of Tripoli on Sunday.

This puts me in a strange place. If Afghanistan is the "good war" then Libya must be a "great war" (although if Bill Kristol thinks it's a good idea then you know it must be an absolutely terrible idea). Mohammar Quadaffwhateverthehellthespellingisy is obviously insane, power-hungry, and hasn't learned the lesson of Egypt. Not that he has much in common with the situation with Egypt - he sees himself as more African than Middle-eastern these days. But he's the only world leader who has committed an act of active terrorism against the West. Read that again. While other people have committed terrorist acts, he's the only one leading a country. And they crashed a plane in Scotland.

I whole-heartedly supported the protestors in Egypt, and I support the protestors in Libya as well. I would be happy to see this come to a resolution swiftly. But this is fucking nuts. We're already stretched to the breaking point with Iraq and Afghanistan, and we're getting drawn into Libya now too. Face it, they have oil so we're going in. Come on, we took Libya off the terrorism list in the most recent Bush Error so that we'd have access to it. Libya has struck at America before and it wouldn't shock me to see them do it again.

So this puts me, a die-hard liberal, in the position of agreeing with Ron Paul on something. We as a nation can't afford this. It does nothing to enhance the security of our nation, and in fact makes us even worse off given Quadaffyducky's tendency to do go in unpredictable directions. This could be very very bad for us. Allow me to give you a parallel from history - the Roman Empire.

Caligula was an Emperor of excesses. He did whatever the hell he felt like and up until the moment of his death wasn't actively opposed at all. He was followed by Claudius - who was seen as a puppet but was in truth a smart man behind a stammer and a clubbed foot. Despite committing to some real reforms he was the only Emperor of Rome to conquer England - continuing the war policies of his insane predecessor and the people who supported him - even though it was an overreach. Upon his death he was followed by Nero, and we all know how that went (or at least you all know if that's still taught in history classes - given the state of education in this country these days who knows…) Rome burned and the Empire shrank and eventually died out. Technically, it didn't die until the late 1800s, but the power it once heralded had by then been gone for 1700 years.

It can be argued that President Drunken Chimp was Caligula. We don't assassinate our leaders these days, but face it, he did whatever the hell he wanted and got away with it. What I'm worried about is that Obama is our Claudius. He's smart, gives one hell of a speech, but his actions don't match up to his rhetoric. He talks a liberal game and has instituted some reforms but he's a centrist at heart and has governed as such. Things are better than they were 2 years ago but the policies of his predecessor that he's continuing are an overreach. Like Claudius 2,000 years ago he is continuing many of the policies of the ruler directly before him and overreaching the capacity of the country to do so.

We're stretched thin and being run in part by people who want to stretch us even thinner, and Obama seems to lack the backbone to stem the tide. What we're doing in Libya isn't a "good war", it's a gamble. If we were interested in "good wars" we'd be in Sudan or someplace where we could make a humanitarian difference. Instead we're banking on getting access to that oil. How has that worked so far in our two other wars? What did you pay to gas up your car this past week?

And Nero is next.

Cheap shots:

I'm not making this up, and this isn't hyperbole. Rep. Don Young of Alaska is a traitor.

Oh, the difference a single word makes.

Why so much of the reporting we see in the U.S. about Japan is so terrible.

Nah - it's because they're just mean sons of bitches.

Wouldn't that be, "Supreme Bitch"?

To quote Dr. Cox from "Scrubs": "Wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong, wrong wrong wrong wrong. You're wrong"

I met this man once, after he left public life. He was trying to catch a cab but he took the time to say hello and talk a moment. He will be missed.

for those of you already sick and nauseated by Rebecca Black, it could be worse.

Alas, this is not parody. They're serious - and fucking delusional.

This is a bad idea.

Lock the doors, batten the hatches, board up the windows, and hide the tiger blood.

And because I love you, Blind Melon

Friday, March 18, 2011

In recovery...

I spent a few days sick and am not 100% yet, so I'm just going to give you a few…

Cheap shots (get yer drink on - I can't until I'm well again):

Any member of congress who votes for this should be classified as a sex offender.

Actually, I think this makes him even more American.

This is basically unenforceable without resorting to gestapo policing, but I do have to wonder if the Republicants here are trying to shut down pizza delivery.

The terrorist threat of Click and Clack.

And because I love you, Nirvana - alas, there is no official video for this.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Haiku

Sometimes, even an opinionated jackass like me is at a loss for words.

I have something of a connection with the country of Japan. I've been there and loved it - I plan to live there someday. I speak Japanese, and have friends living there. Some of whom I have yet to hear from, although no one in the hardest hit regions.

I remember vividly the tsunami that hit Indonesia and the surrounding areas. I remember that I couldn’t sleep for days after it struck. And as bad as that was, I never felt a personal connection to the events. It was awful, and I broke my own personal rules about how I donate to charity and helped in every way that I could - even helping to host a fundraising poker tournament.

This is worse.

I watched a video posted by a man living in Sendai who was fortunate enough to be far enough uphill to not be swept away, but close enough that he could see the water rush around the high ground he and a disturbingly small number of people had sought refuge at. It's one thing to see a submerged boat float by. It's another to see cars and trailer trucks float by. But to watch an apartment building, 4 stories high, physically picked up by its foundations and floated away like a Lego just boggles the mind. I witnessed it with my own eyes and I don't think I've fully grasped it.

The first true "miracle" rescue happened yesterday - a man was picked up out of the ocean 8 miles from shore. On the roof of his own house.

Japan has the strongest building codes on the planet. Just one week ago there was a 7.0 Earthquake in Japan, and there were no injuries or fatalities. Anywhere else in the world and we'd have been looking at a body count equivalent to a Jerry Bruckheimer film. So just imagine how astonishingly powerful this new quake and its aftermath would have to be to produce this sort of destruction.

The potential nuclear issues should scare the ever-fucking-living crap out of you. Pay attention, please. It's already worse than Three-Mile Island, and is rapidly heading towards Chernobyl territory. Countries all over the planet are taking new looks at their own nuclear programs as the unthinkable unfolds in Japan.

I didn't post anything on Friday because I live in San Francisco. Point of fact, I live only a few hundred yards from the ocean, facing west. We were on Tsunami alert at home - sirens and police cars and everything. Beaches closed - buses diverted. Had the waves when they finally struck been a few miles north my apartment would be beach-front property now. My wife was on a business trip so I hunkered down with the kids and the cat and we waited it out, trying our best not to be freaked out by the idea that something that took place thousands of miles away could directly impact our home. We weren't always successful - but we had an ample supply of chocolate on hand and that did help. Having an escape plan also helped - we were ready to head to high ground at a moment's notice. My daughter distracted herself with video games and once it was clear that we were going to be spared by son experienced an adrenaline crash that would amaze anyone - he slept for the next several hours.

But obviously what we went through is nothing compared to what's happening on the ground in Japan. I have tried, but I simply do not have the vocabulary to appropriately express how I feel. So I have written  haiku in Japanese. It's terrible - I have real respect for people who can write them in Japanese as it is incredibly difficult. That 5-7-5 syllable format is really difficult when you consider that every "letter" of the Japanese alphabet is also a syllable. Anyway, here it is:


Nami ga Kuru
Jishin no ato de
Nami ga Kiru

The wave comes
After the earthquake
The wave kills

Like I said, it's terrible. I just don't have the words.

Cheap shots:

Of course, there will always be people who makes asses of themselves in the face of tragedy.

It's all a lie? Who'dathunkit?

Everything in Wisconsin boils down to the simple concept that they want you to be stupid. Stupid people vote Republican.

Using this logic, why don't I just fuck your wife? After all, I expect to be able to.

Michelle Bachman is not smarter than a first grader.

Maybe you should pay attention when a Nobel Prize winner calls you a liar.

And because I love you, GLAY

Thursday, March 10, 2011

No more maybe

The odds are pretty good that by the end of the day today union members in Wisconsin who work for the state will no longer have the ability to collectively bargain for their rights. The odds are that by the end of the day Scott Walker, Governor and douchebag extraordinaire, will have the authority to fire anyone who goes on strike in Wisconsin. While the collective bargaining agreement applies to everyone but firefighters and police, the firing one applies to everyone. By the end of today, Wisconsin will have politically dragged itself back to the 1920s.

I have been saying for weeks now that maybe it is time for a general strike. Well the time for maybe is over. It is time for a general strike. Not just in Wisconsin, but everywhere in this country. Because what just happened in Wisconsin is being attempted in 26 other states. This isn't a major victory for their side - it's the first shot in what they see as a battle to move worker's rights back 100 years. Hell, there's a state legislator in Missouri who is trying to repeal the child labor laws in that state.

The website Crooks and Liars has done some real heavy lifting on the topic of what this bill includes, and some of it is staggering and hasn't made the news yet. Take a look.

Now the procedure used by the Wisconsin legislature was a bit of political sleight of hand and I actually don't have a problem with that. The question of whether or not it was legal I honestly have no clue. If it was then cool - somebody knows how the system works and used it. If not, then it should be challenged in court. My real problem with this is that after claiming for weeks that this was needed to save the fiscal situation in the state it was suddenly decided that it wasn't fiscal after all and passed through a different methodology. Not only did it expose that these fuckers were lying about it for all this time, but it also showed that this is nothing more than showing that they can step on the rights of the workers who helped build them up in the first place. I half expect these to see people dressed in tails, top hats, and monocles.

I personally find it offensive the whole concept that unions and regulations are a stranglehold on business. The argument is that other nations don't put the same burdens on business (well, actually many do, but let's run with the argument) and as a result we can't compete. They just want to level the playing field. Bullshit. it's like saying that we shouldn't have to play by the rules because the other guy isn't. Well isn't part of the whole spirit of what makes us Americans the fact that if we play by the rules we will still win, even when no one else does? Or has every single Disney movie since 1938 lied to us?

I find it insulting that there is a prevalent belief that we simply aren't good enough or ingenious enough to work and thrive with a system that is designed to keep power in check, safety in play, and prosperity within reach. If you think we can't do it without destroying the rights of people who want to get there, then you're the bully. In the Disney movie you're the bad guy. You're in the role they used to reserve for Ray Milland. I don't believe America has this problem in reality for an instant, but the fact that these people do and are setting policy like they believe it is downright un-American. It's against everything that the spirit of this nation stands for.

They keep talking about class warfare waged by the likes of Michael Moore, but the reality of the situation is that the class war was declared by the Republicant party, and they used live ammo. They fired the first shot, and declared war on the rest of us. Thing is, our political leadership who opposes this is being all-too quiet nationally. Where is the President Obama who said he would stand with strikers put in this position? Where did that strong leader go?

Well, if they want a return to the 1920s, I say we give it to them. I say we fix this ourselves. We don't want communism - a simple return to honest capitalism will suffice. They want a war, then bring it on motherfucker. I'm not asking anymore - I'm telling you. STRIKE! All of us, strike! Put these assholes back in their place.

Or the nation is dead.

Cheap shots:

The only Muslim in the U.S. Congress is a better man than Peter King.

In the meanwhile, let's say, hypothetically, that the man holding the hearing is a terrorist organization.

Fuck them. Let them fail.

Someone please tase the Defense Counsel in this case. He's asking for it.

You people are fucking monsters.

Maybe it says something about the level of shit you expunge.

Without a thought in her little blonde head.

And because I love you, Pete Seeger

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Smarter Monday

Because it's probably the smartest thing I'm going to do all week, please read my prior post, "The manslaughter of capitalism".

Cheap shots:

Where is there a bill going through the legislature that would allow for the dissolution of elected regional governments, specific elected officials, seizing of assets to be re-sold, elimination of pensions at a whim, voiding of government contracts without peer review and no oversight by voters of any kind? Michigan. Hey you fucking idiots, you only get to call it Democracy if it stays one.

Late in the day, this bullshit happens. Why, oh why, can't we have a general strike? If this passes I'm going to have something to say about it tomorrow.

Face it King, as we Irish say, you're a fucking racist bastard.

She has not left the Republican party. It left her.

Once upon a time Chuck Schumer was a great big douchebag. Now he's making as much sense as anyone in the Democratic party.

Because I don't know the proper equivalent let me just say amen sister, amen.

I loves me some Henry Rollins.

Hey Fuckabee, it turns out that Obama was a member of the largest Boy Scout organization on the planet.

Crazy thing, he's actually right about the saving money part.

Wow, can't you just smell the desperation?

And because I love you, Ringo Star and the Roundheads

Monday, March 7, 2011

The manslaughter of Capitalism

I have been working on this post in my head for several days now. Ever since I discovered that President Bush may have accidentally destroyed the United States. No not that one, the other one.

A couple of points first. I'm a liberal. Not a progressive; a liberal. I'm damned proud of that fact. I'm also a capitalist. Believe you me, I'd very much like to be rich. There's a line in the original "Arthur" movie where a man asks Dudley Moore's drunken billionaire, "What's it like to have all that money?" and Dudley Moore answers back "It feels pretty great." I firmly believe I'd feel the same way. Liberalism and capitalism are not enemies. In fact, I'd say they can work well together.

That said, it is time to put to rest the idea that we still live in a county governed by capitalism. That stopped about 20 years ago, when the administration of George H.W. Bush decided it would be a good idea to allow speculative trading on groceries. Specifically, to treat the food we eat like stocks.

Now the stock market doesn't work based upon supply and demand - it works on expectations. Then if you don't deliver on those expectations the stock takes a dive. If you deliver better than those expectations the stock climbs up. Pretty nifty, all told. There's an anticipatory element to it, but that's okay - reality eventually catches up. Thing is up until 1989, there were limits on commodities. You could do this as much as you liked with a company, but there were very few items just as they exist themselves traded and invested in this way. Again, this made some sense. Oil is controlled by governments as well as corporations. Wheat in other lands is subsidized. If you want to invest in these things you need the flexibility to hope high and low.

But in 1989 some genius decided this would be a cool thing to do with milk. so permission was asked and surprisingly, it was granted. Suddenly, milk could be traded just like a stock - but not a company that produced milk; milk itself - based upon the expectation. What happened is that people speculated that the price of milk would go up and lo and behold it did. The price of milk is about double what it was 20 years ago. The supply of milk in the U.S. hasn't changed. The demand for it hasn't changed. And yet the price doubled. That's because people expected it to, and bet on it. That's how this sort of trading works. But the only people who made any money off of this were the people trading. No companies were enriched or impoverished - they weren't even part of the equation.

That milk opened the floodgates to just about everything else. There are all sorts of items traded on a speculative basis now. Dairy, meat, butter, rain forests, salt - the list is about endless and this has had an effect on the entire planet. Not companies that produce these things, but the things themselves. Speculation has driven up the price of many things and made them less affordable all over the world. While the trigger event was a man's suicide in the recent overthrow of the government in Egypt, what triggered that was increasing food prices. Yes, that's a very simplified version of the story but there have been riots in countries all over the world, from France and Ireland to the Middle East to South America over the ever increasing cost of food.

Yes, there are more people on the planet. Yes, it's easy to say that the demand has increased. On the flipside though, technology has made food production far more efficient. Bioengineering is in almost every type of food now, and crops yield at rates higher than ever before. And yet, grocery bills are skyrocketing. It's not about supply and demand - it's what the market can bear.

I know you've all heard that phrase - what the market can bear. It's been used to defend everything from gas price increases to the cost of your iPod. Well it's also true for the food you eat. That's not capitalism - that's greed. A perfect example is chocolate - 85% of the world's supply of cocoa beans and crops are now owned by a single person, because he decided to trade it on a speculative basis. Think about that when you next by that box of chocolates for your significant other and wonder why it costs $5 more than it did 3 years ago.

And of course the increase in food leads to the increase in prices in just about everything else. For a man like me a haircut ten years ago cost $10. This past weekend it cost me $22.50 for the same haircut. I have the same amount of hair.

I honestly don't think that Bush the first intended this. When he was President he was fairly clueless about the cost of groceries and their impact, evidenced by a now famous stopover at a grocery store when he ran for re-election. But I don't know. Bush the first was (and probably still is) smarter than he presented himself. Keep in mind that he also ran the CIA for a while and was our Ambassador to China, a Senator, and a build-himself-from-the-ground oilman.

And the crazy thing is, what this really hurts is people's incomes. Trading doesn't lead to any kind of increase in workforce salaries. With a company when the value of a company increases, so does the value of its employees - which directly translates into better salaries and benefits. But when you're trading a commodity instead of a company, there is no reward to be gained when the value of something goes up. The only thing that increases is the amount of money the shareholder is worth.

So what is my point? Simple. The entire Republicant philosophy is based on the idea that you still believe that we live in a Capitalist country. That when a company does well so do its employees. I imagine that there are a few elected to Congress who still believe it. But for more than 20 years that hasn't been the case. The wealth of this country has been redistributed through trading and tax breaks for those who succeeded at it to such a degree that supply and demand don't mean anything anymore. Only the expectation of wealth or the lack of it - controlled by those with enough assets to be able to play the speculation game. In a capitalist society, a correction would come.

But I don't see one coming - not until we as a nation recognize the fundamental lie that we're living. And if we don't, our days as an empire will fade.

Cheap shots:

Yeah, but you're not actually serious about reducing the deficit so it's even.

Yet another reason for the American version of Al Jazeera to start running in this country.

If a volcano erupts in Hawaii do teabaggers think it happened in Kenya?

"I don't know what it is but ban it anyway!"

Let's be blunt about this. Taxes have been cut too far and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fucking liar.

meanwhile, our Speaker of Orange continues to waste taxpayer money.

I get the feeling that Current TV is going to get more interesting.

And because I love you, Andy Summers

Friday, March 4, 2011

To you birther fucking idiots, I have answers:

Here is, verbatim, a letter received and quoted by digby over at Hullabaloo:

Does Barack Hussein Obama wake up every morning and ask himself, "How can I Destroy Christian America" today? Because for the past two years that is exactly what this Lying, Commie, Baby Killing, Muslim has been doing!

How many Laws has Obama broken? How many times has Obama broken his Oath of Office? How many time has he broken the American Constitution? How many times has he lied to The American People? How many times has he betrayed America? How many Acts of Treason has Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder committed?

When is our Congress, our Senate and our Law Makers going to Stop and Impeach this destructor of America?

Why is Obama allowed to continually break the Laws of the Land?

It has been over two years and America still does NOT know if Obama was born in Kenya, Hawaii or where? America which was once Strong, Proud and Respected Nation has become the laughing stock of the World.

Um, excuse me. I have my hand raised. I know the answers to all of these questions and I'd like to answer each of the questions, in order: No, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, never, he isn't, and we actually do you fucking idiot. Yeah, we're a laughing stock but we were already that before Obama came into power.

Still looking for creative ways to avoid using the word "nigger", I see.

Cheap shots (get your drink on - I'm doing Tom Collins' again):

Mr. President, the Soldier of Orange is a fucking liar. Please remember that.

Aaaaand Mike Huckabee loses the Star Wars Nerd vote. And gives out an epic fail to try and win them back.

Are you all fucking idiots?

No, Bill ORLY, they're not sex dolls.

And just maybe, some of these guys want to keep their jobs.

But in the meantime, vote my way or I kill this puppy.

Jimmy Fallon has had a good week. He got his own ice cream, and then there's this.

What is it with the Galtians and their hate of railroads? Isn't the heroine of Atlas Shrugged trying to build one? Or is the problem that there aren't any railroad barons anymore?

Bitch® has no clue what the first amendment means.

And because I love you, The Connells

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Because I could do no better than this

From Bay View Matters (yes, the Bay View where workers died to unionize in Wisconsin): A unionized employee, a Tea Party member & a corporate CEO are sitting at a table. In the middle is a plate with a dozen cookies on it. The CEO reaches out & takes 11 of the cookies, then says to the Tea Party member,  ”Look out for that union guy, he wants a piece of your cookie.”

Cheap shots:

Well, once the Oscars are over seat-fillers have to go somewhere.

Stacking the deck, Ohio style.

Oh yes, and balancing the budget on the trampled rights of gays.

Hey Billo, you ignorant asswipe, 20% of all Americans are union members.

And Billo, you ignorant fuck, West Los Angeles isn't in Minnesota.

Goodbye, Bob Dylan's original muse.

Keith Olbermann's Worst Persons in the World has returned!

Sheen, Khadaffi, or Beck? (For the record, I got 12 out of 15)

Sometimes I wonder, given the assault on women's rights from the Republicants, if in order to be a female Republicant you have to suffer from some sort of battered women's syndrome.

Megan Kelley has no business calling herself a journalist.

Can some of my friends in Iowa please tase Steve King?

Then tase our Soldier of Orange.

And because I love you, Robert Zimmerman - singing about his muse.