Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The one statistic we're not seeing about COVID-19, and it's potentially terrible.

Every day I check and see how many new cases and deaths from COVID-19 we have in the U.S. It's easy to find, just Google it. It's not to be morbid or anything, but to me each new case, each new death is a new criminal charge against Donald Trump. Each new case is an assault. Each new death is another charge of manslaughter. But there's an underlying part of the statistics that truly worries me.

As of the end of yesterday there were 2,357,440 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed in the United States. That's 7 out of every 1,000 people in the country. 122,162 have died. 733,472 have recovered. So what's the missing statistic here? The number of people still going through the disease. 1,501,806 as of yesterday.

For all the talk of quarantining for 14 days the disease actually runs much longer than that. It can run months. You've seen the stories: person on a ventilator for 75 days. Person lost his leg. Person suffered from Kidney Failure and is now on dialysis. Grammy Award musician Christopher Cross was paralyzed for a time, and as of this writing still partially is although is expected to make a full recovery. (I follow him on twitter: @itsmrcross)

People who are ASYMPTOMATIC go through this faster. The disease has an INCUBATION PERIOD of 14 days. The progression of the disease itself can be months.

And so we have a staggering number of people still unrecovered. Some of them are going to die. 5.4% according to the CDC statistics. That's over 81,000 people.

If the statistics hold, we're already going to lose over 200,000 people, and the rate of infection grew 25% in the past WEEK.

As of this moment, if everything went right, 1 in 1,000 Americans would die from this. Everything is not going right.

What the ever loving FUCK is it going to take for the Republican party to say enough and just say "okay, you get Pence"?

I get so angry about this, not just all of the other, multitude of crimes so obviously committed by Trump and his cronies, but by the fact that he is negligently murdering people every day. I should never be in the same room with him - I would punch his fucking face in.

Reagan made me angry. Bush the first made me angry. W made me angry. Trump  makes me homicidal. I hate that he has that kind of hold in my mental real estate.

But whether or not this is how I feel, the cold, dispassionate facts are that Trump and his hand-picked team have allowed people to die, and have caused Americans to die. More people than the previous 11 previous Presidents COMBINED, and some of them oversaw Vietnam or Korea.

How many people do you think he'll get a chance to kill if he gets a second term?