Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Obamacare". You already have it.

I get really sick of people arguing against the new health care system. Most of it hasn't kicked in yet but the stuff that has is really good. It has affected my own family in that my son has insurance even though he is away at college - he would have been dropped from my coverage before the new law. I'm biased and I admit it.

That said, one thing I'm sick of is the whole "I'm not going to do it" or "I'm going to burn my non-existent Obamacare Card" or "If it's so great why don't members of Congress or the President go on it?" The argument is false and most people don't seem to realize it.

EVERYONE is on Obamacare. I am. You are. Congress is. The President is. People who get Medicare are. All of us. The system was designed so that a low-cost mechanism could be created for people who didn't have health insurance. Those of us who already had it keep what we had. In other words, in keeping what I have I have Obamacare.

This is the system working. If you've already got health insurance nothing has changed. The new law says you are covered exactly as you have been. Better even, now that there are no lifetime ceilings on coverage and prescriptions. This is because you have Obamacare.

The politicians telling you Obamacare is going to ruin everything have health care. They have Obamacare. The ones telling you it is the greatest thing since sliced bread have health care. They have Obamacare. Every single pundit and pontificator with a suit and an opinion you see on TV and hear on the Radio has health insurance. They have Obamacare.

People who don't have health insurance coverage aren't the people telling you what to think. Telling you what to think pays well and generally comes with health insurance. In other words, people who have Obamacare are telling you not to get what they have and enjoy. That's just wrong.

If you don't have insurance now this is going to cost you money. Let's be honest about it. You weren't spending anything on health insurance and the law requires you to do so. But if you're fortunate enough to live in a state that is setting up their health insurance exchanges like the law prescribes (California, New York, New Jersey) the cost of getting health insurance has come down dramatically, and it's going to get lower once federal subsidies kick in. If you live in a state that isn't following the rules (Oklahoma, Florida, Mississippi) or making up their own (Arkansas) then you're probably a bit screwed. It's hard to tell just yet, but it's funny that the loudest complaints are coming from people in these states who are trying to tell you not to get Obamacare. Remember, these people actually have it themselves.

But even with all of that, it's going to cost you more if you actually get sick speaking for myself, I get 2-3 colds a year. The cost of seeing the doctor and getting the medications, plus lost work, all add up to more money than the insurance would cost. I've also dislocated my shoulder twice, had 3 hospital stays, and a surgery where an organ was removed. If you had been me without health insurance you'd be fucked.

And I'm pretty ordinary.

The law requires you to have auto insurance. We don't call that one "Auto-care". We call that one common sense and protection for us all. Obamacare is the same way. It's for everyone, and everyone benefits. And in point of fact, the odds are good that if you can read this, you're already on it.

I handle money for a living, and I know this.

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