Monday, September 28, 2020

Radio Free California Episode 2038


This week's stream seatures new music from I don't know How But they Found Me, Fantastic new work from Bob Mould, Public Enemy, Deftones, Diana Krall, Thurston Moore, The Oceans, Los Blenders taking us back to the 80s through Mexico, the debut of Yellow Days, Surfer Blood, and much more. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Friday, September 18, 2020

Now that I've stopped crying - losing Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Original art by Jenny Belin, whose older brother Max and I are very close friends (I don’t know Jenny well - she lives on the other side of the country whereas Max and I shared a flat for a couple of years). Much of her portfolio, including her series of feminists, can be found at RBG herself owned a copy of this.

My own feelings, now that I’ve stopped crying:

This is probably the whole ball game. If Trump manages to get another justice on the court our slip into Fascism will be complete. RBG was the keystone holding back the court from issuing stomach-churning positions on everything on gay rights to abortion to everything that the State of New York is trying to put Trump on trial for.

Given some of the insane news that has broken even in just the past week, from COVID-19 lies to James-Bond-villain-heat-rays to Sedition charges against protesters (or holding them on $1 Million Bond) 7 million voters disenfranchised in Florida to the “antifa arson” hoax to Sterilizing women in ICE custody.. the list seems endless.

Four things have to happen for The United States to not become a complete Fascist State 

  1. McConnell fails to hold his caucus together for 46 days 
  2. Trump loses 
  3. Democrats take the Senate 
  4. McConnell fails to get a new justice approved in the lame duck 


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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Anyone who thinks the USA is #1 is lying, deluded, or poorly educated - like an American

Every year for the past decade an organization called Social Progress Imperative compiles data and statistics on a large number of factors to create an index of all the countries in the world, and their standard of living. It's an immense pool of data and I've spent a couple of weeks pouring through it.

Let's start with the conclusion - ranking countries. Here is the top 25:

1 Norway
2 Denmark
3 Finland
4 New Zealand
5 Sweden
6 Switzerland
7 Canada
8 Australia
9 Iceland
10 Netherlands
11 Germany
12 Ireland
13 Japan
14 Luxembourg
15 Austria
16 Belgium
17 Korea, Republic of (South Korea)
18 France
19 Spain
20 United Kingdom
21 Portugal
22 Slovenia
23 Italy
24 Estonia
25 Czechnia

Notice anything missing? The good old US of A. Continuing:

26 Cyprus
27 Greece
28 United States
29 Singapore
30 Malta

See that? Number 28. And I want to emphasize that the 2020 survey is BEFORE COVID-19

The US is going to fall much further down that list. We're currently listed as 29th in Health care.Belarus come out ahead of us.

When it comes to basic education, we're 43rd. Latvia, Croatia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and CUBA are all ahead of us.

When it comes to inclusiveness, we're ranked 34th. There are 78 countries that have lower homicide rates than ours, and some of them are in the middle of wars. We are 39th in life expectancy, 

We do rank 2nd in Carbon Dioxide production. Only China produces more pollution than us.

Let me put in plainly. We suck.

Cheap Shots (Rum today):

A Firehose of lying. 

Come on now you forced-birthers. I fucking DARE you to defend this.

Vote the Assholes out. Why are certain people assuming this means them?

Dumping The Queen.

Luis Fonsi, not NWA.

But still, Fuck tha Police.

And because I love you, Big Head Todd and the Monsters with the best remake I've heard in years:

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Radio Free California Episode 2036


Cory Wong releases his 6th & 7th albums this year, plus new music from Marilyn Manson, the King of Cabrini himself (Hugh Lee), Todd Rundgren, Masatodon (sort of), Stray Cats (again, sort of), some spiffy jazz from Atremis, and so much more! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

A quick bit of Fire math

 2.2 Million Acres on Fire. There are 104.8 Million Acres in the whole state (according to a quick Google search). That means that 2.1% of the state is burning.

3,438 square miles.

All of Rhode Island and most of Delaware.

So far.

This is what it looked like outside my window at noon today:

That tree-line is Golden Gate Park. That brighter spot where the trees meet my window frame? That's the OCEAN.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020



On average, 45,744 people per day were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the US in July. 1,418,078 people total, in August.

30,003 people died. 1 out of every 55 Americans has caught this as of the end of August. In July it was 1 in 72.

Original post from Early August 2019:

On average, 61,136 people per day were diagnosed with COVID-19 in the US in July. That's 1 out of every 176 people. 1,895,207 people total, in July. 40% of all cases, just in the past month.

25,000 people died. 1 out of every 72 Americans has caught this. 1 month ago it was 1 in 176.

Anyone... anyone who thinks things have improved deserves a kick in the fucking teeth. Anyone who SAYS that things are improving deserves prison. I'm not fucking kidding. Anyone who thinks that things are going well after being presented with the facts is lying, has an agenda that doesn't involve things getting better for the country (and most likely has no interest in governing but instead enriching themselves), and deserves to be voted the fuck out of office. That means the White House and nearly every Republican in Congress, almost every Republican Governor, and their state houses.

In a civilized country the Democratic Party of our country would be the right wing, a new Progressive party would be the Left, and the Republican Party would be relegated to the same place as the Federalists and the Whigs.

I firmly believe that the absolute NEGLIGENCE of the US government is criminal. As in lengthy prison sentences for all of them. While I do believe that every administration deserves a chance to move on from what happened before, we've never had an experience like this. We've never had an openly racist, misogynistic, authoritarian, LYING administration like this one. We can't just let this go. The truth MUST WILL OUT.

Recovering from this will take a massive effort, unlike anything seen in generations. We need to invest in medicine, science, education, and rebuild relationships with a world that for the most part either pities us or feels sorry for us. In less than 4 years our reputation in the world has been destroyed, our economy is in tatters, and we've become the only nation on Earth where someone's opinion matters as much as FACTS. It will cost TRILLIONS. But the returns will be so much more.

We must change. We must acknowledge the mistakes, and hold the wrong-doers accountable. We must do it QUICKLY.

Radio Free California, Episode 2035


Have an hour of new music featuring Vulfpeck using vocal harmonies, Grent-Lee Philips, Throwing Muses, The Pineapple Thief, Katy Perry sounding just like Katy Perry even though she's all growed up, Annie Taylor, and the return to form of Blue Oyster Cult! Enjoy!

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Friday, September 4, 2020

The week that just was, and why I finally left Facebook.

 So I've been restructuring my social media presence over the past couple of weeks, and one of the side effects of this is that I've changed where I get my news from. Oh, I still go to the same websites as before, but because of changes I've made to my social media what gets spoon fed to me by the various sites out there has changed dramatically. It put me in the absolutely thrilling position of telling Newt Gingrich to go fuck himself - directly. I'm also getting a lot less conspiracy garbage thrown at me, and that allows me to look more closely at reality itself.

So while you've all been hearing from the news media and the political bloggers how a woman getting her hair done has the same weight as allowing 200,000 people die, allow me to tell you what the government of the United States of America has been doing in just this past week, the first week of September 2020.

Department of Defense: This week the Pentagon ordered the cessation of publication both in print and on line of Stars and Stripes, the independent and superb newspaper of the U.S. Military. They have been independently operated and published since 1861, and that will stop at the end of this month. Because Trump is frightened of some of the stories they run, including one that says he is critical of those who have made the choice to serve, especially if they die during that service. Update: As I was finishing writing this essay news broke that the Trump Administration had backed down from shutting down Stars & Stripes. I certainly hope so. They've lied about this sort of thing before.

Department of Education: This week the Education Department has decided to reinstate Standardized Testing, which they suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. This has drawn sharp criticism from Governors of both major parties, as we're, you know, in the middle of a fucking pandemic! Oh, and testing isn't to be done remotely, but in person.

Department of the Treasury: Has been claiming all week that there will be a deal next week on a new stimulus package for dealing with some aspects of the fallout due to the pandemic. That would be a neat trick, considering that the Senate is only scheduled to be in session 2 days next week. Ever look at the track record of the current Treasury Secretary of actually doing the things he says he's doing? It's pretty abysmal. How the hell was this guy a successful movie producer?

Department of State: Has this week been quietly (and not so quietly) floating the idea of the U.S. leaving NATO. They also placed sanctions of two investigators from The International Court at The Hague, because it is their job to look into the possibility of war crimes in our never-ending conflict in Afghanistan. Not on the court, but on people who work for the court.

Department of Justice: The man who runs the Justice Department, who is a lawyer (a requirement to hold the post), did not know that it is a Felony to vote twice in an election, or to encourage others to do so. In other words, he didn't know that Trump broke the law when he told people to vote twice in North Carolina this week.And oh yes, he dismissed yet another Chief Prosecutor of a District Court, and believes that racism isn't a thing anymore.

Department of the Interior: Did you notice this this week was the big week? The first lots to become available for drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge came out this week. Bidding has begun on who gets to destroy millions of acres of pristine habitat!

Department of Agriculture: A leading scientist named Lewis Ziska has resigned after the government buried a paper he had written, subsidized by government study, that shows that due to the rise in Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere the nutritional value of rice has fallen to critical levels. Rice is the staple diet of a very large portion of the world, and our current government wants to to ignore this.

Department of Commerce: Still going after TikTok. They don't seem to be doing anything else.

Department of Labor: Doled out $20 Million for relief for those struggling to recover from Hurricane Laura. The actual need in economic costs (non property and non insured losses) being about $8 Billion. So about 0.25% of the need. It would have been as much as 0.75% of the need, another $40 Million, but Trump moved that money, possibly illegally, to the Department of Homeland Security to help pay to send unmarked and unregulated troops to beat people up in Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and other places.

Department of Health and Human Services: started telling people to stop getting tested, in the middle of a Pandemic that as of today's writing is sickening over 45,000 people per day and killing over 1,000.

Department of Housing and Urban Development: the ban on evictions for people under hardships because they might be one of the 50 Million people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic has been lifted. Mass evictions began this week.

Department of Transportation: The department is continuing their now month-long trend of allowing airlines to stop servicing specific routes for United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and many more. Did you want to fly there? Well, that route has now been cancelled.

Department of Energy: This week sunk $29 Million into a total of 14 studies on technology that presently doesn't exist and that many physicist believe is impossible: Cold Fusion.

Department of Veteran Affairs: Dismissed a high level employee and a veteran herself from an important position because she has a podcast - about the Mueller investigation.

Department of Homeland Security: Suspended intelligence briefings to Congress and Presidential Candidate Joe Biden about Russian interference in the 2020 election, despite the fact that they are both entitled to these briefings, by law.

And these are just some of the big ticket items I found in just a few minutes of searching. There is lots more. Lots more.

How many of these stories did you know? A few, I'm sure, but all of them? I know about all of them because I dropped Facebook. That's the only thing I did, and so much disinformation and filtering disappeared from my news gathering sources. I learned some weeks back that the algorithms that Facebook uses to filter your content are also used by many other media sites, including news sites, who tracks through cookies your history on Facebook and uses that data as their own filtration sources.

Facebook controls what you see on about 70% of the entire internet, in terms of how that data gets filtered. That's just unacceptable. I'm perfectly fine with Facebook controlling what you see on their platforms. It's their site, let them run it as they see fit. But a lot of Facebook's money comes from selling the same filtration data for focused advertising to other companies, and they've been soaking it up. And we've been letting it happen.

I don't want Facebook to decide what I can see. I want to determine this myself. It can't be done as long as you have an active Facebook account.

This was a difficult step for me to take. I have remained in contact with many of my friends through Facebook alone, and I will lose some of them. That isn't pleasant. I'm a cranky man and it's difficult to be my friend and as such those people who are my friends a place great value on. I have discovered wonderful things thanks to Facebook. And even though I find Facebook to be a creative black hole - in that it makes the creative process harder because of the sheer overflow of garbage - I never was able to fully leave the site.

But this was a step too far for me. For all that I lose I honestly believe I will gain more. The ability to be better informed. That is my very lifeblood.

I am still here, still on twitter, still on tumblr, and will be reviving my Patreon page in the upcoming months. And because I love you, have some new Vulfpeck:

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Radio Free California Episode 2034

Hey! It's a new week for new music and this week we featured some old fashioned R&B/Soul, long proggy metal, Blues, a couple of bands with sophomore efforts, Some standards, a bit of jazz, and so much new good stuff that I ran an extra day putting it together. 

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This week's featured artists:
Gregory Porter
Betty Lavette
Walter Trout
Matt Wilson
Billy Childs
Toots & the Maytals

And much more! Enjoy!