Monday, January 11, 2021

Radio Free California Episode 2102, and a few cheap shots


New music! This week featuring a great album of remakes by the late Chris Cornell, some fantastic funk from Cleveland Eaton, Plus more from Scary Pockets, Passenger, Foo Fighters, Trevor Beld Jiminez and much more! Enjoy!

Cheap shots (Hot Buttered Rum today - it's cold outside! Recipe below):

Welcome to Parler said the Spider to the fly. Traded on the Insecurities Commission.

Moving from dat bar to disbar...

They don't say it in the article, but Hakuho is perhaps the greatest Sumo Wrestler of all time. A total of 65 wrestlers had to withdraw from the tournament. Get better soon!

Take a Mulligan. Or would Bye Bye Birdie be more appropriate?

This is the twitter account of the guy who says he can't get onto social media anymore. So he's lying.

This is the twitter account of his cow.

I thought he was a terrible Governator, but this is a pretty good speech. And for those of you clutching your pearls at the comparisons to the Nazis, Fuck You. I'll take the words of a man whose father was part of it over people studying from a distance.

While I'm perfectly fine with the Loser not attending the Inauguration of Joe Biden, it can be argued that this is also bad, for many reasons.


Explain. Oh - a disgruntled employee who discovered that the State Department's website has the same security flaw as Parler.

Dangling Chad.

An internet provider in Northern Idaho, in an effort to fight censorship, has censored a number of social media sites.

And because I love you, this is the song that will lead off NEXT week's Radio Free California:

And because I love you more, here's how to make Hot Buttered Rum:

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