Monday, February 22, 2021

Radio Free California Episode 2108 - a milestone, saying goodbye to Daft Punk and cheap shots too.


A very solid week for new music, including The Black Crowes, Leslie Mendelson, Gojira, Crowded House, Heather Porcaro, Mogwai, Hearty Har, Tash Sultana, Katy Kirby and much much more. Enjoy!

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As we pass the 500,000 dead mark from Covid-19 in the US I'd like to just point out a couple of things, even though the infection rate is declining (not well enough through). The death rate is still averagine about a 9/11 every day.

One out of every 12 Americans has caught Covid. One out of every 656 has died. By the time this is over more Americans will have been killed by this than in every war we've ever fought - including the Civil War.

This is #45's legacy. So may sick and/or dead. When the son of a bitch eventually dies, hopefully in a 6 by 10 cell,  the country will fly flags at half staff, as required by the U.S. Flag Code. I'm going to burn one.

Cheap Shots:

I have been saying since my TV days that this needs to happen. About goddamned mother-fucking time.

A Parental warning on the Muppets. Not that surprising really, given this.

Cue up the video of Doctor Evil and Mimi Me.

Did we send Matt Damon?

For reasons that say a lot about my sense of humor, I now have a Joe Jackson song stuck in my head.

Raphael keeps finding new ways to be an asshole.

America Uncancelled just Cancelled somebody.

And because I love you, I must share some Daft Punk:

And of course this inspired medley by Pentatonix:

And finally, this lovely bit of fan art by Jeph Jacques, which can be purchased here.

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