Monday, February 1, 2021

Radio Free California Episode 2105 and why I'm not on Facebook.

New Music! What an amazing week! That's Tammy Wynette on that first track from The KLF! Weezer! Levara! The Glass Child! Kirin J Callinan! Cody Fry! Arch Echo! Feral Ghost! William Parker! The Besnrd Lakes! Home Free featuring Don MacLean! And SO MUCH MORE! 3 HOURS PLUS OF NEW MUSIC. Enjoy!


I learned some months back that the algorithms that Facebook uses to filter your content are also used by many other media sites, including news sites, who tracks through cookies your history on Facebook and uses that data as their own filtration sources. As a result, the things you see filtered down to you in Facebook advertising and how posts are filtered and suggested is ALSO what you see filtered down to you on most of the other websites you visit.

Facebook controls what you see on about 70% of the entire internet, in terms of how that data gets filtered. That's just unacceptable. I'm perfectly fine with Facebook controlling what you see on their platforms. It's their site, let them run it as they see fit. But a lot of Facebook's money comes from selling the same filtration data for focused advertising to other companies, and they've been soaking it up. And we've been letting it happen.

I don't want Facebook to decide what I can see. I want to determine this myself. It can't be done as long as you have an active Facebook account. I have learned in the months since I dropped Facebook that much of the news I received was being filtered, and that's not acceptable.

This was a difficult step for me to take. I had remained in contact with many of my friends through Facebook alone, and I've lost some of them. That isn't pleasant, especially as I've missed a couple of life-changing events in the lives of my friends as a result. I've been finding about such things second-hand and I can't deny it hurts, even if the responsibility is mine and that my own pain is nothing compared to what some of my friends have been through. I'm a cranky man and it's difficult to be my friend and as such those people who are my friends I place great value on. I have discovered wonderful things thanks to Facebook. And even though I find Facebook to be a creative black hole - in that it makes the creative process harder because of the sheer overflow of garbage - I never was able to fully leave the site.

But this restriction of information from other sites was a step too far for me. For all that I lost I honestly believe I have gained more. The ability to be better informed. That is my very lifeblood.

All that said, this is going to be an active year for me musically, with singles (one already out and others on the way) and a new album finally coming and I have to admit that Facebook is a powerful platform to get in touch with fans and potential fans. So I decided this past weekend that I would restart my Facebook profile, with a different e-mail address and a much lower profile. I would only friend people I know in real life. The rest would focus on a new page for my music and the band.

So I swallowed my pride and I created a new account with one of my G-mail accounts. I created a band page. I posted a couple of my Spotify Streams and the single I released two weeks ago. And within 1/2 an hour I was told that my account violated the Community Standards and was suspended.

Understand, I had posted nothing political. I had only cussed once. Every post I had done was about music - artists I like and Spotify streams I had created. Of course I appealed. 

It would appear that Facebook wants nothing to do with me either.

I am still here, still on twitter, still on tumblr, and will be reviving my Patreon page very soon. But I'm not on Facebook.

But because I love you, have some older The Besnard Lakes.

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