Saturday, February 6, 2021

The COVID-19 Battle, The Super Bowl, Freedom of religion, and we just don't want you to die.

So far in February 2021 the reported infection rate in the US is down to less than half what it was the day Donald Trump tried to install a dictatorship in the US. That's good. However, the death rate has skyrocketed. In the first five days of February 2021 the US has lost at least 18,000 people to COVID-19.

That's an average of about 3,600 per day. SIX 9/11's in FIVE days.

Now most people in this country don't practice social distancing. Social distancing is hard - staying six feet away from everyone. There are simply going to be times when you're outside that you're going to be closer than 6 feet to someone, like at the Supermarket for example. I get it I do.

But then again, about 40% of the country isn't wearing masks.

Thing is, NONE of that matched the guidelines of the CDC. Those guidelines are, in full:

  • Wear a Mask AND
  • Stay at least 6 feet away from others.AND
  • Do not spend more than 15 minutes with the same person in the same enclosed space for more than 15 minutes in a 24 hour period.
Funny how the news always doesn't ever mention that last one. Maybe because it's hard.

This is important, because we're having a Super Bowl tomorrow. Not because of your parties and gatherings and all that shit - but because the NFL made it possible for the game to happen at all.

You see, the NFL took a look at the guidelines at the beginning of the football season and after an outbreak in one of the teams discovered that the CDC guidelines aren't good enough. What the NFL put in place immediately, which allowed the season to continue, was restriction more intense, and stricter with harsher penalties, than the CDC has done.

In other words, the great game is happening tomorrow because the NFL is more of a hard ass than the CDC. Remember that as we (hopefully) finally see Tom Brady go down in flames.

Note: not a prediction. I just don't like Tom Brady.

Now yesterday the Supremes decided on a 6-3 vote that California can't stop people from going to church. You see, in California Governor Newsom gave the order to prevent super-spreader events. There are churches in California that can seat more people than a football stadium, and he recognized that this is a dangerous mix. Thing is, it's stone illegal to single out the mega-churches, so he hit them all with the order. 

Now please understand, we're fine with your religion. Believe what you believe to your heart's content. But stay alive to do so. That's what the Governor was doing - trying to keep us all alive. God isn't in a building, they're in your heart - if there is such a thing.

The people who run Megachurches aren't preachers. They're money-changers disguising themselves as preachers. The Governor's order cost them MONEY. You'll notice that small congregations didn't bring suit - only the huge ones did. The largest church in California can seat over 25,000. That's one hell of a lot of money coming in with those titheings.

Don't be surprised when the COVID-19 rate skyrockets in California in a couple of weeks. I won't. But I suspect that there will be a delay of a week. the NFL seems to have it's shit together better than God.

No cheap shorts today. Spare your livers for tomorrow. But because I love you, here's my friend the Glass Child:

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